Plumb job?

Can I ask you something?

What proportion of UK households have a sink or toilet in their utility room? Or, indeed, a sink in the kitchen?

I’m not sure what the answer to my first question would be, but I’m fairly certain that 100 per cent of UK kitchens contain a sink.

utility roomSo I’m baffled about why last night, when two delivery guys from a very well-known store turned up to deliver my new washing machine, they took one look at the utility room and said they were unable to install the new machine and dispose of the old one (both of which I’d paid for) because there was a sink and toilet in there.

I made a fuss (who wouldn’t?), so guy #1 went outside to ring his superior. At this stage, I was fairly confident he must be mistaken. But no. His phone call confirmed what he’d said.

Once I’d calmed down a bit, I asked guy #1 to write down what the problem was. This is what he wrote:
Terms & conditions
No connection in a wet room ie any room with a sink or toilet in it.

HELLO! Have these people no knowledge of UK households? Have they ever been in a British kitchen? Spent a penny in an English home?

I thought I might be going crazy – perhaps it is weird to have a loo in your utility room (and by default a basin in which to wash your hands afterwards). Thankfully a quick browse on Google Images shows that I’m not that unusual after all. I am not alone in having a loo in my utility room (which, by the way, measures 8 x 9ft, in case that makes a difference). It is definitely not a toilet. Nor is it ‘wet’.

The delivery men said they weren’t insured to do the job, but they couldn’t tell me why. Specifically, how the plumbing involved in having a toilet/sink/basin in a room is incompatible with their ability to plumb in a washing machine.

Fuming, I told them to take the washing machine away. Then I ordered one from a different high-street chain instead. This morning, I rang them to ask whether a toilet in the room would preclude installation. "No," they said. Halleloojah!


What an odd story, I've never heard of this before. Sounds like Health and Safety gone mad and a bit of a misunderstanding when writing this policy at their head office. I'd love to know which well known store this is.

I need to buy a new washing machine that will go next to the sink in my kitchen. Ok I don't have a loo in the kitchen but everyone has a sink!

Thanks for the blog because I will now double check that they really will install it next to my sink before handing over any cash.

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