Do you diet?

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Do you diet?

I’ve never been on a diet, mainly because I love food and would hate to deprive myself of any of my favourite meals!

However, I do have my own, patented method of staying at my ‘happy’ weight, which boils down to… only eating when I’m hungry. If I ignore this maxim and have second helpings when I don’t need them, or pig out on chocolate when I’m already full, I simply don’t feel good: my clothes feel tighter and my digestive system complains. Of course, that doesn’t stop me comfort eating occasionally – and regretting it – but on the whole it works for me.

How about you? Do you diet?

I agree with you about only

I agree with you about only eating when hungry. Mind you, it's taken me a very long time to learn to do it!

I've tried lots of weight-loss diets over the years, even the cabbage soup diet on one (unfortunately) memorable occasion. Now my main thing is to eat clean. So I have as little processed food as possible. I eat lots of vegetables and fish, poultry, meat cheese, nuts, seeds, pulses etc but no sugar, biscuits, pasta, bread, cakes, low-fat fake food, ready meals and that kind of thing. I feel a lot healthier for it - and am definitely slimmer!

I’m in the ‘move more'

I’m in the ‘move more' (rather than 'eat less’) camp when it comes to ‘dieting’.

Unfortunately, as I’ve grown older and my metabolism has slowed down, I can see that I might need to be more proactive in order to maintain my current weight and prevent the pounds creeping on. The only problem is that I love food and really can't bear the thought of cutting out anything! Perhaps it's time to reboot my exercise regime?

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