Do you give to charity?

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Do you give to charity?

Recently, I donated some money to a cancer charity because someone I know was taking part in a sponsored event and I wanted to support her efforts (plus, it was a charity that I believe in). I don’t remember providing any personal details, but since then I’ve been bombarded by phone calls from other charities asking me for money. Usually, the phone rings between 5 and 6pm, when, like most other mums I know, I’m in the middle of cooking/organising/trying to connect with my family and I’m afraid my response hasn’t always been very charitable.

There are a few charities that are close to my heart and I do my best to support them. I’m happy to give my time (by volunteering) and money, when I decide to. I’m perfectly capable of making my own decision about which charities to support and I don’t appreciate being badgered by others. And when I read about elderly and vulnerable people being pestered to donate, I can understand why some people have lost confidence in charities.

How about you? Do you dig deep or look the other way when the collection box rattles?

I want to support charities

I want to support charities but cold callers and chuggers annoy me. Like you, I choose the charities I want to support and there's no way I'm handing over my details to someone on the street or at my front door.

There's currently a woman going around my area pretending to be getting sponsors for a charity run but when people check, there's no such event taking place where and when she's told them. From local chat it seems as though she's made a lot of money from people, which is sad because the charity she's pretending to be from needs all the funds and goodwill it can get.

Sometimes if someone comes to my door collecting for a charity I'll hear them out but ask for their charity's website so I can make a donation online. I also often sponsor friends who are taking part in fundraising events and I have a couple of particular charities I like to donate to on an occasional or regular basis.

I would like to sponsor a child through one of the charities that does that so I've been looking into the various options. So in answer to your question, I do support charities but I definitely look the other way when someone rattles a collection box at me.

I hate having a collection

I hate having a collection box thrust in my face when I'm out shopping, but I do feel sorry for the people collecting, who are only doing their job – or are they unpaid volunteers or 'interns'?

I prefer to donate in private, to charities of my choice. It's so easy to give money online.

There's no denying the

There's no denying the feelgood factor donating to charity can give but I wish our government would do more to care for the vulnerable members of society. How can we expect organisations that operate on a shoestring and are largely run by volunteers to save the world?

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