Do you have community spirit?

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Do you have community spirit?

Where I live, community is a very big deal indeed, from neighbours rallying round in a crisis to energetic individuals raising money for good causes.

Only last weekend, a community breakfast raised £1,700 for Syrian refugees. Volunteers baked cakes, rustled up vast quantities of bacon, eggs and smoked salmon, poured copious amounts of coffee and everyone had a ball in the name of fundraising.

Most weekends, our community of roughly 3,000 can access some form of entertainment, ranging from cinema to puppet shows, live music and theatre. Throughout the year, there’s also an incredible variety of activities to try and courses to sign up for. Whether you want to wassail, learn how to build a dry stone wall or get better at Scrabble, it’s all happening within a few rural miles.

The success of our local endeavours isn’t due to some ‘big society’ invocation - there are simply lots of enthusiastic people who are happy to invest their time to enable their friends, families and anyone else who cares to join in to get out there and enjoy life. Sometimes there’s an altruistic motive, too.

Although the ringleaders make it look easy, a huge amount of organisation goes on behind the scenes to make it happen. Power to those people.

How about you? Do you get involved in community events?

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