Do you have DIY in your life?

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Do you have DIY in your life?

Although I was happy to do a DIY job on my younger son's education (it worked for us...) and somehow managed to build this site from a standing start, I'm loath, or too lazy, to turn my hand to tasks of a more practical nature.

Take our garden. We've wanted a patio for years and actually got as far as marking out where it would go with kebab skewers and string (no expense spared). But that was as far as it went. We actually sat in our string-and-skewer circle with a glass of wine, but wine wasn't going to get a patio built. We also decided we wanted a shed and dug about six inches into the ground where the base would go. Similar story. So we phoned a lovely garden landscaping company who have put up fencing for us in the past. They turned up and turned our garden around, barely breaking a sweat. Sometimes, I feel, you just need an expert.

I've realised that while I'm happy to do certain things and am not averse to learning new skills, there are some tasks I just don't feel able to tackle. How about you? What kind of DIY do you do?

Totally get why you called in

Totally get why you called in the professionals to do your patio @LogartyMaya: it's the sort of thing that might seem like a good idea after a few drinks, but really needs experts to do the job properly.

I love the idea of doing DIY but my brain doesn't seem to connect with my hands so whatever I try to do never really works out. I'm also very uncoordinated and terrified of drills - not a good combination. I'd love to be able to do simple jobs like putting up a garden trellis or fixing hooks on the bathroom door. Luckily, although I can't do these things, I've found a man who can. Okay, so I have to fork out £25 an hour but at least I know the trellis won't fall off the wall.

As for DIYing other parts of my life… I did our last house move with the help of a (different) man with a van. We were only moving 200 yards down the road, but it was still a feat of organisation and muscle as we were actually swapping houses with the family whose property I purchased (they were moving into our rented property while their chain sorted itself out). Moving their possessions out and mine in (and vice versa) while simultaneously trying to leave both houses clean was not easy.

I'm always loath to pay

I'm always loath to pay someone to do a job I feel I should be able to tackle, which is why last year I spent several weeks masquerading as a painter on scaffolding outside my house. How did I get on? Find out here:

Living in an old house, there

Living in an old house, there's always something that needs doing and after 10 years here, everywhere I decorated when we first moved in is now looking a bit tired. I'm quite handy but it's hard to get enthusiastic about painting all the walls, doors, skirting boards and, worst of all, ceilings all over again. Can't justify paying someone else to do it though…

PS Just read the logart mentioned above and am now wondering what on earth I'm moaning about!!

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