Have you got green fingers?

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Have you got green fingers?

I love my garden but it's only after nearly a decade as its custodian that I feel able to do as I please and rip out the ugly weeds that thrive there. I'll never be the next Dan Pearson, but I enjoy the feel of earth between my fingers and find it thrilling when bulbs I've planted show their green shoots above ground.

How about you? Does everything you touch take root or are you just not a plant person?

Every year I learn a little

Every year I learn a little more about how to keep things alive in my garden, but there's so much I don't know! It's a lifelong learning curve that didn't kick in until I was about 40, so I'm still a beginner.

Well I don't know about green

Well I don't know about green fingers, but I seem to have an uncanny (and largely undeserved) knack for keeping most plants in the garden alive, including weeds! Over the past couple of years I've had more time and inclination to sort out the garden and am discovering that I enjoy it.

Not everything thrives under my rather patchy care, although the back garden is looking pretty bountiful with lots of flowers. The front is another matter altogether and is more like something the prince had to hack through to reach Sleeping Beauty.

I'm still a very inexperienced gardener and am on a steep learning curve. Having said that, this year I've planted a lemon tree in a pot and there are actually baby lemons growing on it. It needs weekly feeding and just the right amount of watering - and I'll have to buy a fleece for it over the winter - but despite the hassle, it's my leafy pride and joy.

I've also planted sweet peas for the first time and they're scrambling up a couple of obelisks. They smell gorgeous and I think I'll try to grow them next year as well. When I look at my garden, I like what I see, which I guess is the point.

@Triumphofhope, what I've

@Triumphofhope, what I've realised only recently is that nothing terrible will happen if I take matters into my own hands and pull up the plants I don't like. I used to feel guilty about killing weeds, but no longer.

I've also learned that although gardening books and websites give great advice, there's no substitute for experience so you just have to have a go. I sowed some grass seed on a patchy bit of lawn and it's thriving, even though I planted it at the 'wrong' time of year.

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