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Holiday reading

With summer not so far off now, I've been having a think about good books to take on holiday (or read in a sunny corner of the park!)

Personally I like my beach/garden reading well-written but not too heavy-going and I'm starting to scout around for contenders. I've been given Sue Monk Kidd's latest novel, The Invention of Wings, a story about slavery by the author of The Secret Life of Bees, and will probably save that to read in the sunshine (despite the heavy subject matter, the treatment sounds beautiful). So I'm now looking around for more inspiration.

How do you choose, and what kinds of books to you like to take away with you? Any recommendations?

I'm partial to a good

I'm partial to a good detective story and have read my way through the early Patricia Cornwell Kay Scarpetta novels (didn't like the later ones so much) among many others, including the Sara Paretsky VI Warshawski series, which is set in Chicago. Historical novels are good holiday reads for me too and I like Philippa Gregory, especially her Tudor books - The Other Boleyn Girl, for instance.

I also enjoy short stories on holiday, not least because when I'm really chilled out I tend to fall asleep over my books so it's good to have something to read in short bursts. I'm planning to take a Daphne du Maurier collection when we go away - that's a re-read but something I haven't dipped into for ages.

Oh dear, I've realised that

Oh dear, I've realised that everything I mentioned is years old! I'll try to come up with something more recent...

Nothing wrong with old

Nothing wrong with old favourites. In fact, sometimes they can trump new contenders - I'm halfway through John Williams' Stoner, which was only published a couple of years ago and has rave reviews.

Not sure I really 'get it' - although it's beautifully written and fascinating in a quiet way, I'm not sure I'll finish it, which is rare for me. Might be because it's such a terribly sad story.

I have been recommended The

I have been recommended The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It will be my holiday read! I've just finished The Hare with Amber Eyes, not an easy read but riveting, and it encompasses so much history it's a learning experience too.

I'm with you as regards

I'm with you as regards holiday reading LogartyMaya. The balance between something serious and not too heavy seems to work best. At the moment I'm reading "The Children Act". I expect I'm the only person on this site not to have read it till now! Ian McEwan has a wonderful flowing, writing style that is distinctively his - and there is never a struggle to get from one page to the next. So, were I to be on holiday, this book would also be there with me.

As a McEwan fan I had high

As a McEwan fan I had high expectations of The Children Act and it was as compelling as I'd anticipated. Hope you enjoy it, Thomas.

touche - yes I did enjoy it

touche - yes I did enjoy it and it was ideal holiday/park reading. I did think the ending was slightly predictable, particularly when Adam began to "stalk" Fiona, and you sort of know that something nasty is coming with McKewan. But it was compelling nonetheless. Gone on to "Sweet Tooth" now which once done will bring me up to date with McKewan except for "Solar" which I might save for a proper holiday.

I've just finished a book

I've just finished a book that I was saving for my imminent holiday. Once I started I Let You Go, by Clare Macintosh I couldn't put it down. I'd love to know if anyone else who's read it guessed the twist?

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Long time since the last post

Long time since the last post - but I am about to go on holiday (a week in the Lake District in mid-September - yes, I know it's going to be wet).

I think I'm going to be taking this year's Booker favourite, A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara - but after reading the reviews I already know that it's 700+ pages of harrowing stuff - so maybe not.

Best book I read this Summer - The Shore by Sara Taylor - a set of linked short stories winding around a family tree - set in the same place but over different times . Atmospheric, complex, ambitious and beautifully written. I really enjoyed it.
Here's a review -

I'm reading another golden

I'm reading another golden oldie - Girls in their married bliss by Edna O'Brien - and learning a lot about the way life was in times gone by. Pretty tough when you remove the rose-tinted specs, it seems.

@morningstar - I've just read

@morningstar - I've just read that review and The Shore is now on my Kindle wishlist. It sounds brilliant, and just the kind of book I love. Thanks for the heads up.

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