How active are you?

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How active are you?

I'm feeling the weighty effects of too much Christmas so I've been putting in the hours at the gym. It's clearly not just me wanting to work off the extra pounds, as the place is packed!

I've been trying to get more active over the past year by running three times a week and now (thanks to a very generous Christmas present of a gym membership) I'm thrilled to be out of the cold doing swimming, classes, weights etc. Despite all this, I must admit that my inner sloth is never far from the surface and I have to be careful not to get out of the habit of exercising. If I do, I find it very hard to get back to it.

So I'm a couch potato by nature, even though I love getting - and staying - fit. Now the trick is to stick with it after January... Does anyone else have a tenuous relationship with their exercise habits, or is it just me?

I went to a gym once. Never

I went to a gym once. Never again: exercising inside with machines wasn't for me.

I've learned that the easiest way to maintain a reasonable level of fitness is walking. I go out every single day - sometimes just for 10 minutes round the block if it's pouring with rain, but more often for at least an hour. It clears my head, loosens up my rickety limbs and makes me feel happy.

Having said that, I love

Having said that, I love swimming more than any other form of exercise, but as I don't really like swimming pools (chlorine, unidentified floating objects) that will have to wait until the weather (and sea) warms up.

I’m no couch potato, but a

I’m no couch potato, but a new report that says too much jogging is as bad for your health as none has put a spring in my step. As I thought, brisk walking is the way forward.

For me, it's group exercise

For me, it's group exercise classes every time, preferably with plenty of jumping around and some strength moves as well. I love the loud music, the energy and having someone telling me exactly what to do and encouraging me. It also helps that I'm more reluctant to give up in front of an audience! It's probably some people's idea of fitness hell, but I enjoy it.

A charismatic teacher who is really good on technique pointers goes a long way to making exercising a good experience - it's important to know you're doing the workout safely.

To answer the question, I'm fairly active and actually don't feel right if I don't exercise. I walk as much as I can and enjoy my classes but if it's freezing/pouring and there are no classes on that I want to go to, I'll go and run on the treadmill (boring, but you can plug in your earphones and watch the telly at my gym).

I think that being active or not can be a matter of habit for many people, depending on their circumstances of course.

I like playing tennis (hence

I like playing tennis (hence the username) and that keeps me reasonably fit depending on how much time I have to play. Around Wimbledon time it can be hard to get a court but the rest of the time my local park courts are underused so there's usually one free.

I'm not very active apart from that, preferring to access my sport on the TV!

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