How did you meet your partner?

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How did you meet your partner?

We're featuring finding love (or not!) and specifically online dating in our newsletter this week (go to the bottom of the page to sign up if you haven't already) and were wondering how you met your other half, if you have one. I met mine at work, which is apparently the third most common way to meet a significant other, according to a recent survey.

With the majority of people finding romance through mutual friends, just under 10 per cent of us meet a partner through online dating. How about you?

I've never braved online

I've never braved online dating and not sure I'd want to! In keeping with the stats, I've met nearly everyone I've been out with (serious or not) through introductions from people I know or parties etc.

I think it can be hard to

I think it can be hard to meet people when you're single and I can see why dating sites are popular but are they safe? I'm in a relationship and I met my partner through a family member but if I was single and looking for a relationship I would consider it, as have several of my friends. I think all the ads and articles everywhere have normalised something that used to be thought of as a bit dodgy. I suppose there have always been find a soulmate type listings in magazines and newspapers, long before the internet arrived, so it's not a terribly new thing.

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