How green is your life?

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How green is your life?

I try to be green, but don’t always succeed. For example, I can either shove garden waste into the brown bin outside my house or take it to the village composting centre (where it will be turned into compost for local gardeners). Inevitably, after choosing the lazy option, I’ll see a neighbour pushing a wheelbarrow full of greenery 300 metres down the hill to the VCC.

I rarely fly. I forage for kindling for my wood burner. I try to buy local food and other goods. I usually remember to take a bag to the shops in order to avoid using plastic bags. But I also have a car, gas-guzzling radiators and an addiction to long, hot baths.

How about you?

Our local council is pretty

Our local council is pretty good when it comes to collecting recyclable waste so it's not too hard to recycle our rubbish. We could be a lot better about living a green lifestyle, though. We fly, have a car and probably keep our house too warm... I think that we - and people generally - are becoming more aware of eco-issues and making more of an effort, which has to be a good thing.

@logartysal - your eco

@logartysal - your eco-efforts are so impressive and put mine to shame!

I’m pretty good at recycling

I’m pretty good at recycling clothing (to charity shops) and other household items (we just stick small unwanted bits and pieces outside the gate and someone always ‘rehomes’ them).

Like the previous poster, though, we also like our house to be warm. I imagine a thermal imaging photograph would reveal an awful lot of heat lost through our ancient windows and not-very-well-insulated attic. I feel bad about this, but I'm not sure how to tackle it without throwing a lot of money – which we don't have – at the problem.

In an ideal world, we’d all

In an ideal world, we’d all live as sustainably as possible. Globally, I wonder whether our planet is doomed. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be sorting my paper, plastic and glass if I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from.

Are we fighting a losing battle?

Talking of sorting your

Talking of sorting your recycling, touche, I'd love to know what happens to the contents of my brown bin after it's taken away. Is it turned into lovely compost, or does it end up languishing in landfill?

Hopefully it gets recycled

Hopefully it gets recycled properly, like this:

But with food waste, I guess the greenest thing we can do is to eat our leftovers and reduce the amount we bin. There are some great tips here: – leftovers banquet, anyone?

Having to pay for plastic

Having to pay for plastic bags in supermarkets is progress of sorts, but I can't help thinking that the penalty for forgetting to take your own bags should be greater. If it was £1 per bag, which could be donated to charity (Friends of the Earth?) I'd be willing to bet that most of us would remember our bags. And if we didn't, at least a worthier cause than the supermarkets would benefit.

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