Strange Life of Ivan Osokin and beyond...

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Strange Life of Ivan Osokin and beyond...

Happy Christmas to all - hope you're enjoying the holidays!

Thanks to Thomas, I've now read Strange Life of Ivan Osokin by P D Ouspensky and found it interesting and enjoyable. I liked its filmic quality and I was very struck by how he wrote it as a series of scenes with descriptions of the setting and relevant dialogue. To me, it read like a screenplay - very innovative given that it was written in 1915.

The notion of going back in time to re-live past mistakes and put them right is a compelling one. Well it is for me! I can't imagine that many people wouldn't have at least some moments they would like to have another go at. Even reading the book and realising where it was going philosophically, I was rooting for Ivan to somehow change his ways!

Apart from anything else, it's a fascinating period piece. Thanks for the recommendation!

I forgot the beyond bit,

I forgot the beyond bit, which is that I've now started The Heretic's Daughter by Kathleen Kent. This also promises to be fascinating. Based on a true story, it's written by a descendent of the main character and is the story of a woman who was accused of and tried for witchcraft in 17th-century America.

So far, it's a detailed and interesting account of family and small-community life. I'll let you know more when I've read it.

Pleased you got so much out

Pleased you got so much out of "Strange Life...." logartyMaya. I actually went and re-read the last two chapters again to recall what actually happened when Osokin returned to the Magician. The theme of "eternal recurrence" is fascinating without wanting to wish it on oneself. And the prospect of having to sacrifice some vital part of your life (or indeed your whole life) in order to break the cycle is quite difficult to come to terms with. I can see myself reading this yet again - if only to add weight to the theme of eternal recurrence!

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