What's the secret of a happy family?

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What's the secret of a happy family?

In our family, everyone has different hobbies, sports and interests, and this started when our children were still quite young. We've always encouraged our kids to do their thing but we instigated family mealtimes early on - otherwise I think we wouldn't have seen much of each other! Just sitting round the dinner table sharing news and views keeps us close - even when we disagree about things.

Spending that bit of time together whenever possible makes us happy and keeps us connected. Growing up, my family was very different in that we didn't often eat together but we were all avid readers and did a lot of our bonding through a shared love of books. How about you? What makes your family tick?

For us it's big family get

For us it's big family get-togethers. There's nothing like having everyone round for food, drink and chat. We also love to play games - especially cards and board games (although we've been known to get Grandad playing tennis on the Wii as well). Lots of fun!

With my holiday head on, I'd

With my holiday head on, I'd say one of the most important things is to have fun together. We're bonding over body boarding - I've never seen my children laugh so much: it's catching and intoxicating.

That should have said: *laugh

That should have said: 'laugh so much *at me*'.
Whatever it takes...

With teenagers, just getting

With teenagers, just getting them to spend time in the same room with us feels like a cause for celebration. Once they're sharing our space, they like nothing more than to tease me, about anything from my bad jokes (guilty) to the way I laugh at my own (bad) jokes.

They can be great company; it's just a shame they don't want to be with us very often!

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