What's your favourite day out?

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What's your favourite day out?

For me, the essential ingredients for a great day out are beautiful countryside, exercise and good food. The easiest way to ensure I get all of these is to go for a long walk and take a picnic.

I live in Devon and love exploring the West Country. Last weekend I visited Boscastle, a Cornish coastal village that suffered a devastating flood in 2004 after torrential rains caused local rivers to burst their banks. I remember seeing the tragedy unfold on the news and it was fascinating to walk along the path where cars once floated down the river and people were rescued from rooftops by helicopter.

Since then, the residents have worked hard to rebuild their village and there’s little evidence of the events that washed away homes and businesses. However, the video footage in the local museum is a sobering reminder of our vulnerability in the face of freak weather.

How about you? Where’s your favourite away-day?

Until this weekend I would

Until this weekend I would have said similar to you: walking, beautiful scenery, eating somewhere within a reasonable distance from home. Throw in a bit of history/culture as well and I'm very happy. Either that or a theme park, as I've never grown out of them (although as I get older it's becoming harder to find people to accompany me, unless one of my grown-up children happens to be around).

On Saturday, though, I went on the best day trip ever! To Gothenburg in Sweden. I wouldn't have thought it was possible until we did it, but it is. I went with an old university friend to visit another uni friend who lives in the city, so it was something of a reunion.

We left our London house at 3:45am to drive to the airport for our early flight and arrived in Gothenburg at 9:30am (one hour time difference). After half an hour on the airport bus - a beautiful drive through rocky and forested terrain - we were in the centre of the city.

We had a glorious day that included a river ferry, walking in the old cobbled streets and on the paths above the city, an art exhibition, a delicious restaurant lunch, a sea ferry around some of the many islands in the archipelago that runs along the coast... Oh, and we also found time for coffees and ice creams in some beautiful settings, including one very old boat in the harbour that has been restored and converted to a café. We even managed a quick visit to a rather lovely hotel bar before heading back to the airport. We got home again just after midnight.

We were lucky in that the sun shone for us, which makes all the difference to me. Amazingly, it wasn't too expensive, either, given the distance we travelled. Our flights, airport parking, airport bus, one-day travel cards (that included the ferries), lunch, coffees and other treats came to the grand total of £100 each. Can't wait to do it again, and as it happens, the fourth member of our little group of university friends lives in Geneva...

Some of my favourite days out

Some of my favourite days out are spent largely indoors (although I enjoy being outside and your trips sound awesome!) I love going to museums, galleries and stately homes. I like the V&A in London, especially the bits with the tiling patterns and the costumes. I love the British Museum in Bloomsbury too. And I never get tired of the National Portrait Gallery as all the people fascinate me. Wherever I am, I seek out local museums - the quirkier the better. I'm very into social history so to see the clothes people wore, the pots they used to cook with, the toys their children played with etc. are all of interest. One great day out is Hampton Court Palace, especially as I'm fascinated by the Tudors. Even though some of the reconstructions are a bit cheesy, they help to bring the period alive all the same. The gardens are beautiful as well. I recently took a visitor to the Tower of London, which was a revelation in that it was much more atmospheric than I thought something so touristy could be. It actually gave me the shivers, especially Traitors' Gate and the pretty lawn where Anne Boleyn was executed.

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