Cookies on Logarty

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are placed on your hard drive by websites you visit. They are used for a number of purposes: to make your experience on a website quicker and easier, to personalise your browsing experience, to remember that you're online so you're not asked the same questions again and again, or to track page visits for statistical purposes.

Some cookies are temporary, such as those that store information during your visit to Logarty and are then deleted at the end of your session. Others are longer-term, such as those that remember your preferences on a site so they can be used when you return.

On Logarty, we use some cookies and there is an explanation about them in the green table below. If you prefer, you can refuse to accept cookies and there is information on how to do this at the end of the page. If you have not adjusted your browser setting to refuse cookies, Logarty will issue cookies when you use the site.

Cookies we use on Logarty
Cookie Name What it's for
Login cookie SESS(+xxxxx encryption key) An encrypted key that remembers if you have logged into Logarty and keeps track of your movement while you're on the site so you don't keep getting asked for the same information. This cookie is deleted when a user logs out.
JavaScript cookie has_js This cookie tells Logarty whether you have JavaScript enabled in your browser settings so it can deliver content to you in a suitable way. It is anonymous and is necessary to allow the site to function.
Google Analytics _utma _utmb _utmc _utmz These cookies are used to collect information about how Logarty is used. This information helps us to improve the website. More information from Google about your data and staying safe online.

Can I stop cookies?
It is generally possible to 'switch off' cookies, or to stop your browser accepting cookies from a particular website. If you don't allow cookies from Logarty, you won't be able to register, log in, post comments or contact us.

On Logarty, you can switch cookies on or off by using the Cookie Control tool in the bottom right corner. Just click on the green triangle to activate it.

You can find information for how to delete cookies or change your cookie settings from the About Cookies website, which also has lots of useful information about cookies, what they are and how they're used.

Third-party cookies
Advertisers may place cookies on Logarty and we have no control over these. Cookies placed by advertisers are subject to their own privacy policies, rather than Logarty's Privacy policy, so please check their websites for more information. You can find more information about third-party cookies generated by advertisers here.