Logarty talk guidelines

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We love to hear your views on Logarty, but before you join in we’d like to spell out a few ground rules:

Please be civil when commenting or responding to other Logarty users. Bear in mind that posts on Logarty talk and comments on blogs are not pre-moderated. We believe in freedom of speech – however controversial – so we’ll only intervene if absolutely necessary.

Mind your language. Although we are not fazed by robust language where appropriate, name-calling – whether using swear words or not – is not allowed. Bear in mind that Logarty is a community and other people may find certain words offensive so please consider this before you post.

Avoid personal attacks, harassment and threats. While we encourage vigorous discussion, we draw the line at personal attacks, bullying or any other behaviour that seeks to undermine, belittle or display prejudice against an individual or group of people. Threatening or abusive posts will be removed and the person responsible may be blocked from the forums or, in the case of repeated abuse, banned from the site. We don't tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, disablist and other discriminatory language on Logarty.

Don't post anything that breaks the law. This includes libel, which means saying something defamatory – an untruth that could harm that person's reputation – about a person in writing. As a rule of thumb, don't make up stuff about anyone and avoid repeating things you've heard if you're not sure they're true.

Don't troll and please let us know if you see any posts that you believe are trolling. A troll is someone who comes onto a website and posts comments that are deliberately designed to provoke, upset and disrupt or derail discussions, often with a malicious intent. A troll may pretend to be someone they're not. Sometimes a troll will make up stories that are designed to elicit sympathy (and possibly practical/financial gain) and attention. As Logarty members can choose to remain anonymous (and often do, as many people who post about personal topics would not necessarily wish to be identified in real life), it can be difficult to spot a troll.

We try to prevent trolling and to this end we monitor posts as carefully as possible. If, however, you spot posts that you believe are trolling, please contact us on the contact form, rather than risk further derailing a conversation. We will investigate as soon as we can.

Sometimes there may be great responses to a fictional situation originally posted by a troll, which may help other readers, and in this situation we may decide to let the trolling posts stand. If we believe that someone is deliberately trying to upset other Logarty users with their comments, though, we will delete their posts and, if necessary, will ban the poster.

What about spam? Spam posts (irrelevant or unsolicited messages that may be advertising products or services, or spreading malware) will be deleted. As well as monitoring posts ourselves, we also have software that is designed to eliminate spam. Again, if you spot spam that we or the Logarty system have missed, please do use the contact form to let us know and we'll deal with it as soon as we can.

Logarty talk tips

• Remember that everything you post can be viewed by anyone with internet access.
• Avoid mentioning details that could identify you or other users, such as real names or email addresses.
• Be constructive. Friendly, supportive help and advice is always welcome. Ditto humour.
• Be wary of using txt spk: it cn b off-ptg and inxsbl.
• Only post in CAPS if you want to SHOUT.
• Use paragraphs (for legibility and sense).
• Read what you’ve written before posting.

While the whole point of Logarty is to read stories, share stories and chat about content, experiences and ideas, it's important to remember that those who have been interviewed for logarts are real people (whether anonymous or not), who have shared information about their lives that is often very personal. Therefore, although you may disagree with things people have said or done, please bear this in mind when discussing logarts or stories on the Storyboard.

Comments that break our guidelines may be deleted.

Please also see our Terms and conditions of use for more information.